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Detects 'Authorization Bypass' vulnerability in InfiniteWP plugin for WordPress affects v. before


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Safeguarding WordPress with Securityforeveryone: Addressing CVE-2020-8772 Vulnerability

Empowering WordPress Management with InfiniteWP Plugin

InfiniteWP Client plugin for WordPress serves as a powerful tool for managing multiple WordPress sites from a centralized dashboard, enabling seamless website administration, updates, backups, and security management operations. With the capability to install the plugin on unlimited sites and streamline management tasks with a single click, InfiniteWP simplifies the complexities of overseeing multiple WordPress installations, offering unparalleled convenience and efficiency for website administrators and developers.

Understanding CVE-2020-8772 Vulnerability

The CVE-2020-8772 vulnerability detected in versions prior to of the InfiniteWP Client plugin for WordPress poses a critical threat to website security. This vulnerability, attributable to a missing authorization check in the iwp_mmb_set_request function within init.php, allows malicious actors with knowledge of an administrator's username to gain unauthorized access. The exploitation of this vulnerability can lead to unauthorized compromise of website control, potentially resulting in data breaches, content manipulation, and overall website integrity compromise.

Consequences of CVE-2020-8772 Vulnerability Exploitation

In the event of exploitation by a malicious cyber attacker, the consequences of the CVE-2020-8772 vulnerability can be dire. Unauthorized access to website administrative privileges enables threat actors to compromise sensitive data, inject malicious content, or even take websites offline, leading to reputational damage, loss of user trust, and regulatory non-compliance. Furthermore, the unauthorized manipulation of website content and settings can disrupt the digital experience for visitors and impact the website's credibility and reliability.

Empowering Defenses with Securityforeveryone Platform

For organizations and individuals seeking robust protection against evolving cyber threats, the securityforeveryone platform emerges as a pivotal ally in continuous threat exposure management. Equipped with a specialized scanner designed to detect the CVE-2020-8772 vulnerability in digital assets, the platform offers proactive threat identification and remediation services, empowering website owners to preemptively mitigate security weaknesses, fortify their defenses, and ensure the integrity of their online presence.



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