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Detects 'Authentication Bypass' vulnerability in InfluxDB affects v. before 1.7.6.


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InfluxDB is a popular open-source time-series database used to store, index and query large amounts of time-stamped data. It is commonly used for monitoring, analytics, and other time-sensitive and data-driven applications. The platform is widely embraced by developers, data scientists, and other professionals who require real-time insights and fast data retrieval. InfluxDB has gained a lot of attention in recent years owing to its high performance, horizontal scalability, and flexible data model.

CVE-2019-20933 is a critical security vulnerability discovered in InfluxDB before 1.7.6. The issue arises due to an authentication bypass vulnerability found in the authenticate function in services/httpd/handler.go. It is believed that a JSON Web Token may have an empty SharedSecret, also known as a shared secret, which can lead to a serious vulnerability in the system's security. This vulnerability can offer remote attackers the ability to bypass user authentication for ingress traffic to the API or dashboard endpoints.

When exploited, this vulnerability can significantly impact security, potentially causing unauthorized access, data tampering, data exfiltration, denial of service, and other harmful attacks. The exploitation of this vulnerability may result in unauthorized access to sensitive data or system resources, leading to damage to reputation, legal consequences, financial loss, and other serious outcomes.

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