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CVE-2018-10956 Scanner

Detects 'Directory Traversal' vulnerability in IPConfigure Orchid Core VMS affects v. 2.0.5.


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IPConfigure Orchid Core VMS 2.0.5 is a video management software used to monitor and manage video feeds from different sources. It is designed for use in large-scale surveillance systems that require high-performance video recording, real-time video display, and effective video analysis. The software is often used by large enterprises, government agencies, and educational institutions that require reliable and efficient video security solutions.

CVE-2018-10956 is a vulnerability in the IPConfigure Orchid Core VMS that allows an attacker to perform a directory traversal attack. This vulnerability can be exploited remotely by an attacker with access to the IPConfigure server, allowing them to access files and directories outside of the intended scope. This can lead to the exposure of sensitive information, such as passwords and configuration files, and can also allow an attacker to modify or delete critical system files and data.

When exploited, this vulnerability can lead to serious consequences such as data breaches, system compromise, and disruption of critical services. An attacker can use the information obtained from the directory traversal attack to launch further attacks against the organization's network, compromising the security of the entire system. Hence, it is critical for organizations using IPConfigure Orchid Core VMS to take appropriate precautions to protect their systems.

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