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Ivanti Connect Secure Panel Scanner

This scanner is designed to detect the Ivanti Connect Secure panel, a key component of Ivanti's SSL VPN solution that facilitates secure remote and mobile user access to corporate resources. The presence of this panel is critical for maintaining secure connectivity and ensuring that only authorized users can access sensitive company information from anywhere in the world.


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Ivanti Connect Secure Panel Scanner Detail

Vulnerability Overview

The Ivanti Connect Secure panel serves as the gateway for remote access via SSL VPN. Identifying this panel helps organizations ensure that their Ivanti Connect Secure setups are properly secured and only accessible to authorized individuals. While not a vulnerability by itself, unauthorized access to this panel could lead to significant security risks.

Vulnerability Details

The Ivanti Connect Secure panel, accessible typically at the root URL or under /dana-na/auth/url_default/welcome.cgi, provides administrative access to the Ivanti Connect Secure VPN configurations. Specific HTML elements, like the title tag containing "Ivanti Connect Secure," indicate the presence of this panel.

Possible Effects

An exposed or improperly secured Ivanti Connect Secure panel could potentially allow unauthorized users to gain access to the VPN settings, modify configurations, or access sensitive internal resources. This emphasizes the importance of securing access to this panel and regularly auditing its security posture.

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