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CVE-2023-27034 Scanner

Detects 'SQL Injection (SQLi)' vulnerability in PrestaShop jmsblog affects v. 2.5.5.


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PrestaShop jmsblog 2.5.5 is a popular plug-in used for blogging purposes on e-commerce websites. It enables e-commerce stores to have more engaging blogs for their customers to read, enhancing their user experience and increasing engagement. The PrestaShop jmsblog plug-in is easy to use, making it a vital tool for e-commerce store owners to have on their websites. 

However, the plug-in was discovered to contain a serious vulnerability code, known as CVE-2023-27034. This vulnerability is a SQL injection bug that can easily be exploited by hackers. An attacker can use this vulnerability to execute arbitrary SQL queries on the server, resulting in unauthorized access to sensitive data, such as customer information and credit card details. 

Exploitation of this vulnerability can lead to major security breaches on e-commerce websites. A hacker can steal sensitive customer information, thereby jeopardizing their privacy and exposing them to cyber fraud. Furthermore, such an attack can lead to reputational and financial damage to e-commerce store owners. 

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