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Detects 'Directory Traversal' vulnerability in Roland Breedveld Album component for Joomla! affects v. 1.14.


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The Roland Breedveld Album component for Joomla! is a popular extension used by website owners to manage photo albums and galleries. This user-friendly component provides a seamless experience for website visitors to browse through various images, creating an immersive experience. Developed by Roland Breedveld, this Joomla! component has been integrated into numerous websites worldwide, allowing site owners to showcase their photo content with ease.

Among the many vulnerabilities listed on the NIST National Vulnerability Database (NVD) is CVE-2009-3318, a serious directory traversal vulnerability that was detected in Roland Breedveld Album component version 1.14. This vulnerability allows remote attackers to access arbitrary directories, via the ".." or "dot dot" sequences in the target parameter to index.php. Due to its severity, it was given a rating of 7.5 out of 10 on the NVD's severity scale.

When exploited, the consequences of this vulnerability can be catastrophic. Remote attackers can gain unauthorized access to sensitive data, allowing them to sabotage, modify or delete important files. This could lead to negative business outcomes, loss of intellectual property, financial impact, and reputational damage. In addition, this vulnerability may be used as a foothold for more advanced attacks such as privilege escalation, denial of service (DoS), and cross-site scripting attacks.

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