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CVE-2010-0157 Scanner

Detects 'Directory Traversal' vulnerability in Bible Study component of Joomla affects v. 6.1.


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The Bible Study component of Joomla is a software used for studying the Bible online. It is primarily designed for churches, non-profit organizations, and individuals who wish to share their Bible study materials and resources with others in a digital format. The software comes with advanced features such as Bible text comparison, search, commentaries, and more. Moreover, it allows users to create their own Bible study programs and share them with others on the web.

CVE-2010-0157 is a severe vulnerability detected in the Bible Study component of Joomla. The vulnerability allows remote attackers to access and execute arbitrary local files by including the ".." symbol in the controller parameter. This can provide unauthorized access to sensitive information, data tampering, and, in worst cases, executing malicious code on the server. The vulnerability can be exploited by a remote unauthenticated attacker, making it a significant concern for website owners.

If the vulnerability is exploited, it can lead to devastating consequences for the website owners. An attacker can use this vulnerability to gain unauthorized access to confidential data such as user credentials, financial information, and other sensitive content. Additionally, the attacker can also use the vulnerability to tamper with the website's content or execute malicious code on the server, compromising the website's overall integrity and functionality. Such scenarios can damage the website's reputation and result in financial and legal penalties.

In conclusion, digital assets require constant protection against vulnerabilities and attacks. The pro features of provide website owners with an easy way to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities in their digital assets. Understanding and taking the necessary precautions can significantly reduce the risk of an attack that may lead to reputational and financial damage.



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