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CVE-2010-2680 Scanner

Detects 'SQL Injection (SQLi)' vulnerability in JExtensions JE Section/Property Finder component for Joomla! affects v. Unknown.


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CVE-2010-2680 Scanner Detail

The JExtensions JE Section/Property Finder component for Joomla! is a widely used software that helps manage properties and real estate sections of websites. It is a popular extension that allows easy searching and listing of properties within the website's framework. This product is highly sought after by web developers and property managers alike, due to its ease of use and intuitive interface.

However, as with any software, there are vulnerabilities that can lead to exploitation and compromise of the website's security. One such vulnerability that has been detected in the JExtensions JE Section/Property Finder component is CVE-2010-2680. This particular vulnerability allows remote attackers to include and execute arbitrary local files by using directory traversal sequences in the view parameter to index.php.

When this vulnerability is exploited, it can lead to the attacker gaining unauthorized access to the website's files and data. The attacker may be able to upload malicious scripts to the website, execute arbitrary code, or even take control of the server. This can cause significant damage to the website's reputation, and result in a loss of confidential or sensitive data.

In conclusion, it is important for website owners and developers to stay informed about potential vulnerabilities in their digital assets. With the pro features of the platform, it is easy and quick to learn about vulnerabilities in your digital assets. By taking proactive steps to protect against vulnerabilities such as CVE-2010-2680, website owners can ensure that their properties and real estate sections remain secure and free from malicious attacks.



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