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CVE-2010-4719 Scanner

Detects 'Directory Traversal' vulnerability in JRadio component for Joomla! affects v. before 1.5.1.


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The JRadio component is a radio station management software used in Joomla! websites. It allows managers to easily organize and schedule their radio stations, set up live broadcasts, and manage their playlists. The software is especially convenient for radio stations that rely heavily on online platforms to reach their audience.

However, this software has a dangerous vulnerability, commonly known as CVE-2010-4719. When exploited, the vulnerability allows hackers to access arbitrary files in the server by using directory traversal sequences in the controller parameter of the index.php file. This means that an attacker can use this vulnerability to read files located outside the intended folder, gaining unauthorized access to data that should remain secret.

The endpoint of this vulnerability may lead to disastrous consequences, especially for radio stations that handle sensitive data. Hackers can access private information about listeners or even gain access to the server's backend to perform further malicious actions. This type of breach can significantly damage the reputation of the radio station and, more importantly, put their listeners' data at risk.

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