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Detects 'Directory Traversal' vulnerability in iJoomla News Portal component for Joomla! affects v. 1.5.x.


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The iJoomla News Portal component for Joomla! is a powerful tool that allows website administrators to easily manage and publish news articles on their Joomla! powered websites. With a user-friendly interface, the component provides a range of customizable options that allow site owners to display their news content in an engaging and informative manner. This makes it a popular choice amongst webmasters who want to keep their website visitors informed about the latest developments in their industry.

However, the iJoomla News Portal component is not without its vulnerabilities. In particular, the CVE-2010-1312 vulnerability discovered in version 1.5.x of the component has the potential to cause serious damage to websites that utilize it. When exploited, this vulnerability allows remote attackers to read arbitrary files on a website by using a ".." (dot dot) in the controller parameter to index.php. This means that unauthorized users can gain access to sensitive information such as user data, passwords, and other confidential data.

If exploited, the CVE-2010-1312 vulnerability can lead to severe consequences for website owners and their visitors. In addition to the theft of sensitive data, attackers can also use this vulnerability to upload malicious code onto the website. This can lead to the compromise of the entire website and damage to the reputation of the organization that owns the website. Additionally, the stolen data can be used by attackers for identity theft, malicious activities and financial fraud.

In conclusion, vulnerability detection is crucial for any website owner to protect their digital assets from potential security breaches. Thanks to the Pro features of, vulnerabilities in digital assets can be easily identified and dealt with swiftly. By prioritizing security measures such as regular monitoring and upgrading components, website owners can ensure that their digital assets are protected and avoid falling victim to attacks such as the CVE-2010-1312 vulnerability in the iJoomla News Portal component.



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