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CVE-2007-4504 Scanner

Detects 'Directory Traversal' vulnerability in RSfiles component for Joomla! affects v. 1.0.2 and earlier.


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The RSfiles component (com_rsfiles) is a file management extension designed specifically for Joomla!, an open-source content management system. It is used by website administrators to upload and organize files on their Joomla! website. RSfiles allows the creation of groups that can manage files, permissions, and access restrictions for specific user types, making it a convenient tool for managing documents and files on the site.

CVE-2007-4504 is a directory traversal vulnerability found in the RSfiles component. Attackers can exploit this vulnerability by using the ".." characters in the path parameter, making it possible to read any file on the server. For example, an attacker could read sensitive files such as configuration files or confidential data by traversing directories within the server.

If exploited, this vulnerability can lead to the complete compromise of the web application and the server itself. Attackers can take control of the website, steal sensitive information, and use the server as a platform to launch additional attacks. This can result in reputational damage, financial loss, and legal liability for the website owner, as well as harm to their customers and partners.

By using the pro features of, website administrators can quickly and easily identify vulnerabilities in their digital assets, including their Joomla! website and its components. The platform provides comprehensive and regularly updated vulnerability scanning and detection capabilities, enabling users to quickly assess the security posture of their web applications and servers. By leveraging this advanced technology, website administrators can better protect their assets and defend against cyber threats.



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