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CVE-2020-23972 Scanner

Detects 'File Upload' vulnerability in GMapFP component of Joomla affects v. J3.5 and J3.5free.


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CVE-2020-23972 Scanner Detail

Joomla is an open-source content management system that is used to create and manage websites. One of the popular components of Joomla software is GMapFP, which is used to add interactive Google maps to a website. This component allows administrators to add markers, create custom maps, and display locations using different styles. GMapFP is commonly used with real estate websites, business directories, and travel guides to display location information.

One significant vulnerability found in the GMapFP component of Joomla software is CVE-2020-23972. This vulnerability allows an attacker to access the upload function without authentication, which means that they can upload files without any restrictions. Moreover, the attacker can change the content-type and name file to use double extensions, which can easily bypass the security of GMapFP. This vulnerability puts the website at serious risk since it allows the hacker to upload malicious files and execute remote code on the website.

When exploited, the CVE-2020-23972 vulnerability found in the GMapFP component can cause significant damage to a website. The hacker can gain access to sensitive information such as user credentials, financial data, and confidential business files. The hacker can also deface the website, steal intellectual property, and spread malware to other users who visit the compromised site. The risk of reputational damage and financial loss is high and can have long-lasting consequences.

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