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Detects 'Server-Side Request Forgery' vulnerability in Kavita affects versions before


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Kavita is a digital library server that focuses on delivering a high-quality, customizable reading experience for comics, manga, and books. It allows users to self-host their digital reading collections, offering features like metadata tagging, reading progress tracking, and multi-user support. Primarily designed for enthusiasts and collectors, Kavita serves as a versatile platform for accessing and organizing digital reading materials across various devices. It's developed to support a wide range of file formats, making it an essential tool for digital library management and access.

CVE-2022-2756 exposes a critical vulnerability in versions of Kavita before, where the server is susceptible to Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) attacks. This vulnerability allows attackers to send crafted requests from the server to internal services or the internet, potentially leading to unauthorized access to sensitive information, interaction with internal systems, or data manipulation. SSRF vulnerabilities are particularly dangerous in environments where the server has access to secured networks or sensitive services.

The vulnerability specifically exists within the upload-by-url feature of Kavita, where the application fails to properly validate or restrict URLs submitted by users. An attacker can exploit this by sending a POST request with a malicious URL, tricking the server into making requests to unintended locations. This flaw can be used to probe internal networks, access restricted information, or exploit vulnerabilities in internal services accessible to the server. The issue was addressed in version, highlighting the importance of updating to the latest software versions.

Exploiting the SSRF vulnerability in Kavita could lead to significant security breaches, including but not limited to, accessing internal network services, exfiltrating sensitive data, and conducting denial-of-service attacks against internal resources. The potential impact is highly dependent on the network configuration and the permissions granted to the Kavita server, making it a critical threat in environments with sensitive or critical infrastructure.

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