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Detects 'Code Injection' vulnerability in Kibana affects v. before 5.6.15 and 6.6.1.


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Kibana is an open-source data visualization and exploration platform used to analyze data stored within Elasticsearch. It provides interactive dashboards, advanced visualization techniques and powerful search capabilities which make it a popular choice among data analysts and developers. It is available as a web-based service and allows users to create and share customized dashboards with others in the same organization.

However, Kibana versions before 5.6.15 and 6.6.1 contain a critical vulnerability, CVE-2019-7609, that could allow an attacker to execute arbitrary commands on the host system by sending a request to the Timelion visualizer. The vulnerability stems from a lack of input validation, which would enable an attacker with access to the Timelion application to execute JavaScript code. This, in turn, could give the attacker unauthorized access to the Kibana host system and all the data that resides on it.

When exploited, this vulnerability could lead to a variety of potential security threats. An attacker could gain full control over the Kibana host system, granting them access to confidential data that was being analyzed within Kibana. Attackers could also use this vulnerability to launch further attacks against the host system or other devices connected to the network. Furthermore, if the Kibana host system is connected to other systems such as databases or API systems, the attacker could potentially compromise those systems as well.

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