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CVE-2021-3129 Scanner

Detects 'Remote Code Execution (RCE)' vulnerability in Ignition as used in Laravel and other products affects v. Ignition before 2.5.2, Laravel before 8.4.2.


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Ignition is an error page reporting package that provides comprehensive information about unhandled exceptions on Laravel and other products. The package is designed to make debugging easier and faster for developers, providing valuable insights into what went wrong whenever an error occurs. With Ignition, developers can easily diagnose and fix issues with their applications, leading to faster app development and improved user experience.

The CVE-2021-3129 vulnerability detected in Ignition poses a critical threat to affected applications. The vulnerability is a code injection flaw that enables unauthenticated remote attackers to execute arbitrary code on a target system. This exploit is made possible due to insecure usage of file_get_contents() and file_put_contents() functions. Attackers can exploit this vulnerability whenever debug mode is enabled with Laravel before version 8.4.2.

The exploit of this vulnerability can cause significant harm to affected applications. Attackers can use it to steal sensitive data, modify application behavior, or even take complete control of affected systems. This can lead to disastrous consequences for both businesses and users.

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