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LearnPress Plugin is a comprehensive WordPress Learning Management System (LMS) plugin that enables users to create and sell courses online. It is widely used by educational institutions, individual educators, and online training platforms to deliver and manage e-learning content efficiently. With its extensive range of features, including course creation, quizzes, and certificates, LearnPress has become a popular choice for building e-learning websites on the WordPress platform. It provides an easy-to-use interface for both course creators and learners, enhancing the online learning experience.

The Local File Inclusion vulnerability in LearnPress Plugin versions up to and including allows attackers to include files from the server's file system through the web application. This flaw can lead to unauthorized access to sensitive files, information disclosure, and potentially remote code execution if exploited. By manipulating input to the 'template_path' parameter in certain requests, attackers can access system files, such as the '/etc/passwd' file, which contains user account information on Unix and Linux systems. This vulnerability poses a critical security risk to websites using affected versions of the LearnPress Plugin.

Specifically, the vulnerability can be exploited through the '/wp-json/lp/v1/courses/archive-course' endpoint by modifying the 'template_path' parameter to traverse the server's directory structure. For example, an attacker could craft a request that attempts to retrieve the Unix/Linux system's password file. The lack of proper input validation and sanitization on this parameter allows the inclusion of arbitrary files from the server, exposing sensitive data and potentially compromising the website's security.

Exploiting this LFI vulnerability could have severe consequences, including the exposure of sensitive system and application data, unauthorized access to the application's source code, and the possibility of executing arbitrary code on the server. Such incidents can lead to data breaches, loss of data integrity, and disruption of services, undermining the trust and reliability of the affected e-learning platform.

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