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CVE-2023-26067 Scanner

Detects 'Remote Code Execution (RCE)' vulnerability in Embedded Webserver in Certain Lexmark Devices affects v. through 2023-02-19.


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The Embedded Webserver in Certain Lexmark Devices is a crucial component that enables remote access and configuration of a printer or device. This server provides users with an intuitive web interface where they can easily view the status of their printing jobs and customize various settings such as print quality, paper size, and connectivity options. Additionally, it allows the convenient configuration of fax settings, such as fax tracing options, which is where the vulnerability identified as CVE-2023-26067 arises.

This specific vulnerability is a severe unauthenticated remote code execution vulnerability that arises if no admin user is created when setting up the printer or device. The issue occurs when an unauthenticated user accesses the endpoint /cgi-bin/fax_change_faxtrace_settings without any authentication. Several configurable parameters on the page fail to be properly sanitized, which leads to the successful execution of arbitrary commands by the unauthenticated user. This vulnerability could be exploited to take control of the device, steal sensitive information, or launch further attacks against other systems.

Exploitation of the CVE-2023-26067 vulnerability can lead to disastrous consequences, ranging from the complete takeover of the affected device to the disclosure of confidential data. Attackers can gain remote access to the device and its network, allowing them to move laterally and compromise other systems connected to the same network. On the other hand, without proper authentication checks, attackers can also run malicious scripts to steal sensitive data such as credentials, payment information, or patient health data. Such exploits can cause significant financial, legal, and ethical issues, resulting in reputational damage to the affected organization.

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