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CVE-2018-10818 Scanner

Detects 'Command Injection' vulnerability in various LG NAS devices affects v. Unknown.


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LG NAS devices are network-attached storage units that are exclusively accessible to authorized users. These devices function similarly to private clouds but are more cost-effective, easy to manage, and provide total control over the stored data. They are used to store and share data between network-connected devices such as computers, smartphones, and tablets. These devices are also popular among small businesses and offices as they provide an easy way to share data between employees.

The CVE-2018-10818 vulnerability is a pre-authenticated remote command injection vulnerability found in the majority of LG NAS devices. This vulnerability allows attackers to execute code remotely, without any authentication, by exploiting the "password" parameter. Attackers can add a persistent shell to gain unauthorized access to the device and its contents. This vulnerability is particularly dangerous as it can be exploited by anyone with network access to the device.

Exploiting CVE-2018-10818 can lead to severe consequences. Attackers can gain complete control over the device and all the stored data, including confidential files, financial information, and private user data. Attackers can also install malware and backdoors, allowing them to maintain access to the device even after the vulnerability has been fixed. This vulnerability can potentially harm the users’ privacy and also expose confidential data to third-party entities.

In conclusion, vulnerabilities like CVE-2018-10818 can degrade the security and privacy of any network-connected device. Therefore, it is essential to take precautions to protect your digital assets. The platform provides advanced security features and can help you monitor your devices for potential vulnerabilities. With the help of pro features, you can easily and quickly learn about vulnerabilities in your digital assets and take necessary preventive measures. It is never too late to start securing your digital assets and protecting your data.



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