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CVE-2021-46107 Scanner

Detects 'Server Side Request Forgery (SSRF)' vulnerability in Ligeo Archives Ligeo Basics as of 02_01-2022, allowing unauthorized document access.


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Ligeo Archives Ligeo Basics is a comprehensive archival management software designed for organizing, preserving, and accessing digital archives. This platform is utilized by libraries, museums, and archival institutions to manage their collections digitally. It offers features for cataloging, search, and retrieval of documents, making it an essential tool for historians, researchers, and archivists. The software aims to simplify the archival process while ensuring the accessibility and preservation of historical documents and artifacts.

The vulnerability is present in the document download functionality, where an attacker can manipulate the file parameter to request internal files or interact with internal services. Specifically, the software does not adequately validate or sanitize the input for the file parameter in the download request, allowing for external URLs or file paths to be specified. This can lead to the disclosure of sensitive system files, such as /etc/passwd, or interaction with internal network services through crafted URLs.

Exploitation of this SSRF vulnerability can lead to significant security breaches, including unauthorized access to sensitive documents, data leaks, and potential internal network reconnaissance. Attackers could exploit this flaw to gain insights into internal systems, extract confidential information, or even perform actions on behalf of the server, posing a critical risk to the security and privacy of the archival data.

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