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Likeshop is an e-commerce platform used for building social media stores. It is specifically designed for the popular social media platform, Facebook. Sellers can use Likeshop to list and sell their products on their Facebook pages. This platform is ideal for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and aspiring online merchants who want to establish their presence on social media.

The vulnerability code CVE-2024-0352 was detected in Likeshop up to version This vulnerability affects the function FileServer::userFormImage of the file server/application/api/controller/File.php of the component HTTP POST Request Handler. A skilled attacker can exploit this vulnerability remotely by manipulating the file argument and gain unrestricted access to upload files. This is a critical vulnerability as it allows an attacker to execute arbitrary code on the server and gain complete control over the system.

Exploiting this vulnerability can lead to severe consequences for the seller, customers, and the business as a whole. An attacker can upload malicious files that can infect the operating system and compromise the entire server. The attacker can easily steal user data, including personal and financial information. This can result in identity theft, fraud, and financial losses. It can also lead to a loss of reputation for the seller and the business, which can be challenging to recover from.

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