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Extract links from web page source (HTML) and check for anomalies.

HTML Link Extractor

Links on the website are essential both for the safety of visitors and for crawler robots for search engines. There may be unwanted or harmful links (to any page controlled by cyber attackers) on your website for the following reasons.

If you are using third party codes from an unreliable source, these codes can be themes, javascript files or libraries. Most sources that offer a free version of a paid application on the internet place malicious code in it. These malicious codes can ultimately deliver the management of your site to the attacker or cause modification of source codes. Why does anyone want to change source code of your webpage? There are a lot of reasons. Description related to our topic: But for now, the part that interests us is the hacklink.

Hacklink is the generic name given to links on webpages usually placed for black hat SEO, without the consent and knowledge of website owner. Hacklinks are used both to attract visitors to malicious pages and to go to upper rank on search engines results pages.

Malicious links in your website's source code do not mean there is a problem with the third party application. Attackers may have made changes to your system due to a vulnerability in your website or your server.

As a result, attackers use hacklinks quite frequently. You can view and review all the links on your website using our free and online link extractor tool.

Some Advice for Common Problems

If you have somehow found unwanted links in the source code of your website, the most important thing to do is to determine how it was added. Just removing the link is often useless. Attackers will re-add malicious links using the same method they used earlier. A security expert help is required to clean it. Source code analysis and vulnerability scanning are essential steps for due diligence.

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