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CVE-2018-14916 Scanner

Detects 'Arbitrary File Deletion' vulnerability in LOYTEC LGATE-902 affects v. 6.3.2.


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LOYTEC LGATE-902 software is a widely used platform that provides uninterrupted connectivity between different building automation systems. It is essential for the smooth functioning of energy management, heating and cooling, and lighting control systems. The software's ability to collect data from multiple devices and integrate them into a single platform makes it a preferred choice for building automation developers and maintenance technicians alike.

The CVE-2018-14916 vulnerability detected in LOYTEC LGATE-902 devices allows arbitrary file deletion. This means that unauthorized personnel can easily gain access to the system and maliciously delete critical files. As a result, sensitive data could be lost, the system's efficient functioning could be compromised, and the overall safety and security of the building could be jeopardized.

Exploiting this vulnerability can lead to severe consequences. The deletion of essential files can cause a blackout in the building, leading to chaos and confusion, and could even result in potential harm to the occupants. Additionally, the unauthorized deletion of financial and other sensitive data could lead to financial losses for the organization and harm its reputation. is an advanced platform that offers comprehensive security solutions for digital assets. Its cutting-edge features enable users to quickly identify vulnerabilities and potential threats to their systems. By leveraging its sophisticated technology, businesses can enhance their security defenses and safeguard their assets against future attacks.



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