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Detects 'Directory Traversal' vulnerability in Magento Mass Importer plugin for Magento Server affects v. Unknown.


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The Magento Mass Importer plugin serves as an invaluable tool for the Magento Server, enabling merchants to quickly and easily import large quantities of product data into their store. This plugin, created by the MAGMI team, offers a simple solution for businesses that need to create, update, and maintain their product catalog. The plugin’s high-speed, low-cost implementation has made it a popular choice among Magento users.

However, all products and plugins have flaws. The Magento Mass Importer is no exception in that it suffers from a critical security vulnerability known as CVE-2015-2067. This particular vulnerability exists in the web/ajax_pluginconf.php file of the MAGMI code. An exploit using a “..” (dot dot) in the file parameter can allow a remote attacker to gain unauthorized access to sensitive files on the server, including password files and customer data.

With this vulnerability, a hacker could easily perform various malicious activities such as exfiltrating credit card or login data, selling sensitive information on the dark web, and compromising the entire system. This vulnerability also makes it possible for attackers to install malware such as backdoors or rootkits on the target system, which can further compromise the server’s security. 

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