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CVE-2017-7391 Scanner

Detects 'Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)' vulnerability in Magmi affects v. 0.7.22.


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Magmi is a popular open-source plugin designed for Magento, an e-commerce platform. The main purpose of Magmi is to make it easier for online store owners to import and manage their product inventory. With Magmi, store owners can easily upload product information, prices, and other details in bulk, saving them valuable time. The plugin has been widely adopted by Magento users worldwide due to its efficiency and ease of use.

Unfortunately, Magmi 0.7.22 has been found to have a serious vulnerability known as CVE-2017-7391. The vulnerability exists due to the lack of proper filtration of user-supplied data passed to the 'magmi-git-master/magmi/web/ajax_gettime.php' URL. As a result, an attacker could execute arbitrary HTML and script code in a browser in the context of the vulnerable website. This means that if exploited, the vulnerability could be used to inject malicious code or steal sensitive user information.

When exploited, the vulnerability in Magmi 0.7.22 can lead to huge losses for online store owners. It could allow attackers to gain access to sensitive customer data such as login credentials, email addresses, and other personal information. This could result in reputational damage, financial loss, and even legal action against the store owner. It is therefore important to take measures to safeguard against this vulnerability.

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