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CVE-2022-0432 Scanner

Detects 'Prototype Pollution' vulnerability in mastodon/mastodon affects v. before 3.5.0.


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Mastodon/mastodon is an open-source social networking platform that allows users to create accounts, follow others, share posts, and engage in conversations. It is an alternative to centralized social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Mastodon/mastodon is built using Ruby on Rails and is designed to be self-hosted, giving individuals and organizations greater control over their data and online presence.

Recently, a security vulnerability, CVE-2022-0432, was detected in Mastodon/mastodon prior to version 3.5.0. This vulnerability arises due to prototype pollution, where an attacker can modify the properties of an object's prototype, leading to unintended consequences. Specifically, an attacker can exploit this vulnerability to inject malicious code into an application, leading to unauthorized access to sensitive data or complete takeover of the system.

When exploited, this vulnerability can have severe consequences for both individual users and organizations. Attackers can gain access to personal information, including login credentials, messages, and private conversations. Furthermore, they can cause significant damage by modifying or deleting valuable data stored on the platform. All in all, this vulnerability can put not only the privacy but also the security of users at risk.

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