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Detects 'Information Disclosure' vulnerability in Microsoft Frontpage Server affects v. Unknown.


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Microsoft Frontpage Server is web development software designed to assist users in creating and managing website content. This software offers different features and tools that can be used to create dynamic web pages, including templates and wizards. With Frontpage Server, users can also easily publish and manage their website through the use of remote web authoring and custom scripts. Additionally, Frontpage Server includes server extensions designed to enhance the functionality and capability of the software.

One vulnerability code detected in the Frontpage Server software is CVE-2000-0114. This vulnerability allows remote attackers to determine the name of the anonymous account by making an RPC POST request to shtml.dll in the /_vti_bin/ virtual directory. The anonymous account is the account used by users who do not provide any authentication details when accessing a website. Hence, the anonymous account is vulnerable to being exploited through the aforementioned vulnerability.

Exploiting this vulnerability can lead to various unwanted outcomes as it essentially grants unauthorized access to website content. Attackers who gain access to sensitive information can easily modify or delete website content, steal sensitive user data, or inject malicious code. The impact of such acts can be devastating and result in prolonged downtime, financial losses, or reputational damages.

In conclusion, it is evident that Microsoft Frontpage Server is a useful software tool used in website development. However, it is not without vulnerabilities, and CVE-2000-0114 is just one of many. The consequences of such vulnerabilities can pose serious threats to website content and can lead to undesirable outcomes for users. By taking proactive measures such as updating the software and implementing strong authentication protocols, users can effectively combat such vulnerabilities. Furthermore, by utilizing's advanced feature set, readers can easily and quickly identify and address vulnerabilities in their digital assets, protecting their web content and online reputation.



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