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CVE-2020-11798 Scanner

Detects 'Directory Traversal' vulnerability in Mitel MiCollab AWV affects v. before and 9.x before 9.1.3.


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CVE-2020-11798 Scanner Detail

Mitel MiCollab AWV: Understanding and Addressing Vulnerability CVE-2020-11798

The Role and Purpose of Mitel MiCollab AWV
Mitel MiCollab AWV is a comprehensive conferencing solution facilitating collaboration through audio, web, and video conferencing. It provides users the ability to schedule, manage, and conduct meetings virtually, enhancing communication within and outside of an organization. MiCollab AWV is utilized by businesses for online meetings, training sessions, and presentations, enabling participants to connect from anywhere in the world. The tool aids in increasing productivity by streamlining the process of remote collaboration.

CVE-2020-11798 Vulnerability Explained
CVE-2020-11798 represents a Directory Traversal vulnerability discovered in certain versions of Mitel MiCollab AWV. This security weakness potentially allows an attacker to access files and directories stored on the server that are outside the web root folder. By exploiting this vulnerability, malicious users can obtain sensitive information that should not be publicly accessible. The flaw affects versions of the software before and 9.x before 9.1.3, posing a risk to systems running these outdated releases.

Consequences of Exploiting CVE-2020-11798
When cyber attackers exploit the CVE-2020-11798 vulnerability, the impact can be significant. They could gain unauthorized access to sensitive data, which may include personal information, login credentials, or proprietary business information. Such an attack could lead to further network compromise and data breaches. Additionally, the exploitation of this vulnerability undermines the trust in affected systems and can have serious reputational repercussions for the affected organization.

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