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CVE-2021-40978 Scanner

Detects 'Directory Traversal' vulnerability in mkdocs affects v. 1.2.2.


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Mkdocs is an open-source static site generator that is designed to build documentation websites using Markdown. It is widely used for creating, storing, and sharing documentation online. The product is intended to assist developers in the documentation of projects by creating aesthetically appealing, simple, and easily navigable pages.

Recently, a security vulnerability was discovered in the mkdocs 1.2.2 built-in dev-server. Dubbed CVE-2021-40978, the vulnerability allows directory traversal using the port 8000, potentially enabling remote exploitation. Although the vendor has disputed this vulnerability, it is a genuine threat, leaving digital assets exposed to malicious activities.

If exploited, CVE-2021-40978 puts sensitive information at risk of being accessed and potentially compromised. The attacker could gain unauthorized access to critical files, databases, and other resources, potentially leading to breaches, unauthorized transactions, and other malicious activities.

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