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CVE-2023-2356 Scanner

Detects 'Path Traversal' vulnerability in mlflow/mlflow (open source project) affects v. prior to 2.3.1.


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mlflow/mlflow is an open-source platform that manages end-to-end machine learning life cycles. It is used to track experiments, package code into reproducible runs, and share and deploy models with ease. The platform allows users to compare and reproduce results, reducing the time it takes to go from experimentation to production. This tool is widely used in many industries that implement machine learning systems.

The CVE-2023-2356 vulnerability is a relative path traversal issue that was detected in mlflow/mlflow before version 2.3.1. This vulnerability allowed an attacker to access and read arbitrary files on the server by manipulating the pathname used in an HTTP GET request. It was identified as a high-severity vulnerability, and it could have serious consequences if left unaddressed.

When exploited, this vulnerability could allow unauthorized access to sensitive files containing valuable or confidential information. For example, an attacker could access the server's configuration files, which contain passwords, access keys, or other sensitive data. This could result in data breaches, unauthorized access, or system shutdowns, ultimately leading to losses in revenue, credibility, and trust.

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