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CVE-2023-6909 Scanner

Detects 'Path Traversal' vulnerability in mlflow affects v. prior to 2.9.2.


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CVE-2023-6909 Scanner Detail

Vulnerability Overview

The vulnerability is caused by improper handling of file paths, allowing attackers to traverse the server's directory structure and access files outside of the restricted directories. This could lead to the disclosure of sensitive files and information.

Vulnerability Details

The Mlflow application before version 2.9.2 does not adequately sanitize user-supplied input to file path parameters. An attacker can exploit this by crafting a request that includes directory traversal character sequences (e.g., '..\filename'). This can result in unauthorized access to sensitive files on the server, such as SSH keys, configuration files, or other critical data, leading to information disclosure or further exploitation.

Possible Effects

An attacker exploiting this vulnerability could:

  • Gain access to sensitive files, including configuration files, credentials, and private keys.
  • Potentially escalate privileges or move laterally within the network.
  • Use the disclosed information to plan further attacks against the infrastructure.

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