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CVE-2020-24391 Scanner

Detects 'Remote Code Execution (RCE)' vulnerability in mongo-express affects v. before 1.0.0.


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Mongo-express is a web-based user interface that allows users to manage their MongoDB database. It is a popular tool used by developers and database administrators to navigate and manipulate the data stored in MongoDB collections. Mongo-express is an open-source project that is available to anyone who wants to use it for free. The software is easy to set up and use, making it a valuable resource for both beginners and experts in the field.

One of the vulnerabilities that has been detected in mongo-express is CVE-2020-24391. This vulnerability is related to how mongo-express implements support for certain advanced syntax. The problem is that this support is done in an unsafe way, which means that attackers can exploit the vulnerability to gain unauthorized access to the database. The vulnerability exists in versions of mongo-express released before 1.0.0.

When this vulnerability is exploited, attackers can read, modify, or delete data stored in the database. In some cases, they may also be able to execute arbitrary code on the server. This can result in a data breach, which can have serious consequences for businesses and individuals. The exploitation of this vulnerability can lead to the leakage of sensitive information, loss of data, and financial damages.

In summary, CVE-2020-24391 is a serious vulnerability that can have significant repercussions if exploited by attackers. However, by following the recommended precautions, users of mongo-express can reduce their exposure to this vulnerability. By using the pro features of, individuals and businesses can easily and quickly learn about vulnerabilities in their digital assets and take steps to mitigate them before attackers have a chance to exploit them. Don't wait until it's too late, protect your data today!



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