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Detects 'Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)' vulnerability in mooSocial mooDating affects v. 1.2


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The mooSocial mooDating platform, version 1.2, serves as a specialized tool for creating interactive and engaging dating and social networking sites. It is designed to help users find potential matches, connect with new friends, and foster relationships online. This software is widely utilized by web developers, website owners, and community managers to integrate social and dating functionalities into their platforms, offering a blend of social networking and dating services to their users. With its user-friendly interface and diverse feature set, mooDating caters to a broad audience seeking to enhance their online social experiences.

CVE-2023-3845 identifies a Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability within mooSocial's mooDating software, version 1.2. This vulnerability arises from inadequate input validation mechanisms in the /friends/ajax_invite component of the software, allowing attackers to inject malicious scripts into web pages. These scripts are executed in the browser of any user who accesses a compromised link, potentially leading to unauthorized access to user sessions, data theft, and other malicious activities. The vulnerability is particularly concerning due to its remote exploitability, requiring minimal user interaction to trigger.

The XSS vulnerability in mooDating 1.2 is specifically located in the URL Handler of the /friends/ajax_invite file. Attackers can exploit this by crafting malicious URLs that embed executable JavaScript code within parameters that the application fails to properly sanitize. When these URLs are visited, the embedded script executes within the context of the user's browser, allowing the attacker to perform actions on behalf of the user, steal sensitive information, or redirect the user to malicious sites. The flaw demonstrates a significant oversight in the application's security measures regarding input handling and validation.

Exploitation of the XSS vulnerability in mooSocial mooDating 1.2 can have severe consequences, including unauthorized access to user accounts, personal information theft, session hijacking, and the dissemination of malware. For the platform, such a security breach can undermine user trust, damage reputation, and potentially expose the operator to legal liabilities. Users could suffer from privacy invasions, financial loss, and identity theft as a result of this vulnerability being exploited.

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