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CVE-2023-3846 Scanner

Detects 'Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)' vulnerability in mooSocial mooDating affects v. 1.2


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MooSocial's mooDating 1.2 is an online dating platform designed for individuals and organizations to create interactive, user-friendly dating communities. This software is widely utilized for its ability to facilitate connections, relationships, and networking among users. By incorporating social networking features with dating services, mooDating offers a comprehensive tool for enhancing social interaction online. The platform is particularly popular among website developers and entrepreneurs who wish to offer a unique social and dating experience on their websites.

The Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability identified in CVE-2023-3846 within mooSocial's mooDating 1.2 platform allows attackers to inject malicious scripts into web pages. This issue arises due to inadequate validation of user input in the URL handler component associated with the /pages file. When exploited, this vulnerability can enable attackers to execute arbitrary code in the context of the victim's browser, leading to potential data theft, session hijacking, and other malicious activities.

Specifically, the XSS vulnerability exists in the handling of input through the /pages endpoint of mooDating 1.2, where malicious scripts can be embedded in URL parameters. These scripts are inadvertently executed by the browser when users navigate to the crafted URL. The lack of proper input sanitation in this component allows attackers to construct URLs that trigger the vulnerability, exploiting the platform's trust in user input to execute unintended actions or reveal sensitive information.

The exploitation of this XSS vulnerability can have severe consequences for users and the platform alike. Users may become victims of identity theft, unauthorized access to personal data, and manipulation of their accounts. For the platform, this represents a significant security risk, potentially undermining user trust, damaging the platform's reputation, and possibly leading to financial and legal repercussions.

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