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Detects 'Open Redirect' vulnerability in Mosparo affects prior to v. 1.0.2.


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Mosparo/Mosparo is a GitHub repository used for building advanced web crawlers that are designed to work with popular websites and marketplaces, such as Amazon or LinkedIn. Developed by mosparo, this repository aims to aid online businesses with gathering data from different sources. Mosparo/Mosparo provides several libraries and modules for ease of use and convenience. 

Recently, a vulnerability was detected in Mosparo/Mosparo prior to version 1.0.2, with the CVE-2023-5375 vulnerability code. This vulnerability is a type of open redirect that allows an attacker to redirect a user to a malicious website or page using a crafted URL. Open redirects are a widely known vulnerability and are commonly exploited by attackers to steal sensitive information or distribute malware.

When this vulnerability is exploited, attackers can trick users into visiting a fake website or page that appears legitimate. They can then steal sensitive information that users input on the page, such as login credentials or financial information. In addition, attackers can also use the redirection to spread malware or conduct phishing attacks.

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