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CVE-2022-25568 Scanner

Detects 'Information Disclosure' vulnerability in MotionEye affects v. 0.42.1 and below.


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MotionEye is a popular, open-source software used for monitoring and surveillance through network cameras. It's widely adopted by individuals and organizations for its ease of setup and comprehensive feature set, including motion detection, web interface, and video recording capabilities. MotionEye is often used in home security systems, small to medium enterprise security solutions, and by hobbyists for various monitoring projects. The software allows users to manage multiple cameras through a single interface, enhancing security and monitoring efficiency. Its versatility and compatibility with various camera types and operating systems make it a preferred choice for DIY surveillance systems.

The Information Disclosure vulnerability in MotionEye, identified as CVE-2022-25568, allows unauthorized access to sensitive configuration details through a simple GET request. This vulnerability exposes critical information such as passwords for upload and network services without requiring authentication. It poses a significant risk as attackers can exploit this vulnerability to gain insights into the surveillance system's setup, potentially leading to further attacks or unauthorized access to the network. This vulnerability underscores the importance of secure configuration and the need for regular software updates.

The vulnerability is specifically found in the /config/list endpoint of MotionEye versions 0.42.1 and below. By sending a GET request to this endpoint, an attacker can retrieve a JSON response containing sensitive information, including but not limited to, upload_password and network_password. This endpoint is not adequately protected, allowing unauthenticated access to critical configuration details. The lack of required authentication for accessing this endpoint demonstrates a significant oversight in the access control mechanisms implemented within the software.

Exploitation of this vulnerability can lead to several adverse outcomes. Attackers could gain access to the surveillance system, manipulate camera feeds, or disable the surveillance entirely. Additionally, access to network and upload passwords could allow attackers to infiltrate further into the network, leading to data breaches, unauthorized access to other systems, and potentially, remote code execution. The disclosure of sensitive information undermines the integrity and confidentiality of the surveillance system, putting personal and organizational security at risk.

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