MS08-067: Remote Code Execution Vulnerability (ECLIPSEDWING) Scanner

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MS08-067: Remote Code Execution Vulnerability (ECLIPSEDWING) Scanner Detail

Detects Microsoft Windows systems with Ras RPC service vulnerable to MS06-025.

This check is dangerous and it may crash systems.

On a fairly wide scan conducted by Brandon Enright, we determined that on average, a vulnerable system is more likely to crash than to survive the check. Out of 82 vulnerable systems, 52 crashed. Please consider this before running the script.

This check was previously part of smb-check-vulns.nse.

Some Advice for Common Problems

Although the first patch was made in 2008 as a precaution against this vulnerability, there are still institutions using old server operating systems for different reasons. Download the last patch to be sure of the security of your system.

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