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CVE-2024-32640 scanner - SQL Injection vulnerability in Mura/Masa CMS


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Mura/Masa CMS is a content management system used by developers and organizations to build, manage, and optimize digital content. It is utilized by businesses of all sizes to create and maintain websites, blogs, and other online applications. The software provides a user-friendly interface for content editing and management, making it accessible for non-technical users. Mura/Masa CMS is known for its flexibility and scalability, catering to various web development needs. It supports integration with other software and tools, enhancing its functionality for diverse digital projects.

The SQL Injection vulnerability in Mura/Masa CMS allows attackers to manipulate database queries by injecting malicious SQL code. This can lead to unauthorized access to sensitive information stored in the database. Exploiting this vulnerability can compromise the integrity and confidentiality of the data. It poses a significant security risk to web applications using Mura/Masa CMS.

The SQL Injection vulnerability is found in the endpoint /index.cfm/_api/json/v1/default/?method=processAsyncObject of Mura/Masa CMS. The vulnerable parameter is contenthistid, which is not properly sanitized before being included in the SQL query. An attacker can craft a malicious request with SQL code injected into this parameter. When processed by the database, this code can alter or reveal data without proper authorization. The template identifies this vulnerability by checking for a 500 status code, presence of specific JSON headers, and error messages indicating an unhandled exception.

Exploiting this SQL Injection vulnerability can lead to several severe consequences. Attackers may gain unauthorized access to sensitive data such as user credentials, financial records, and personal information. They can manipulate database contents, leading to data corruption or loss. The integrity and availability of the web application can be compromised, potentially resulting in service disruptions. Additionally, attackers could leverage this vulnerability to escalate their access and perform further attacks on the system.

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