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Murmur Service Mumble Voice Communication Client Scanner

You can scan Murmur service by using this tool.


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Single Scan

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Detects the Murmur service (server for the Mumble voice communication client) versions 1.2.X.

The Murmur server listens on a TCP (control) and a UDP (voice) port with the same port number. This script activates on both a TCP and UDP port version scan. In both cases probe data is sent only to the UDP port because it allows for a simple and informative ping command.

The single probe will report on the server version, current user count, maximum users allowed on the server, and bandwidth used for voice communication. It is used by the Mumble client to ping known Murmur servers.

The IP address from which service detection is being ran will most likely be temporarily banned by the target Murmur server due to multiple incorrect handshakes (Nmap service probes). This ban makes identifying the service via TCP impossible in practice, but does not affect the UDP probe used by this script.

It is possible to get a corrupt user count (usually +1) when doing a TCP service scan due to previous service probe connections affecting the server.

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