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CVE-2022-28117 Scanner

Detects 'Server-Side-Request-Forgery (SSRF)' vulnerability in Navigate CMS affects v. 2.9.4.


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Navigate CMS is a robust content management system designed for use by individuals and organizations requiring a dedicated publishing platform. The CMS is well-suited for managing blogs, news sites, and online magazines, and its user-friendly interface allows users to easily create, manage, and publish content. Additionally, it supports multiple users with varying permissions, so teams can easily collaborate on content creation and management.

The vulnerability code CVE-2022-28117 was recently detected in Navigate CMS v2.9.4, a Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) vulnerability. An SSRF attack is typically used by hackers to force an application to make unauthorized requests by injecting arbitrary URLs into the affected parameter. Exploitation of this vulnerability can allow an attacker to access internal resources and retrieve sensitive data, including private keys, credentials, and other confidential information.

If an attacker successfully exploits this vulnerability, they can send arbitrary HTTP requests, such as visiting a target website or accessing privileged information, using the authenticated user's identity. This can lead to significant data breaches, including unauthorized data access and data leaks, leading to reputational and financial losses. As a result, navigating CMS users are urged to take proactive measures to protect against this vulnerability.

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