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Detects 'Authentication Bypass' vulnerability in Multiple NETGEAR Routers affects v.


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NETGEAR routers are popular networking devices used to provide home and small-scale office networking solutions. These routers provide wireless and wired networking connectivity options for various devices. NETGEAR routers are highly efficient in managing network traffic, providing secure internet access, and creating multiple networks for different users and devices. Their robust feature set makes them a popular choice for consumers and small business owners who desire a reliable network infrastructure.

A critical vulnerability, CVE-2020-27866, has been detected in several NETGEAR routers, including R6020, R6080, R6120, R6220, R6260, R6700v2, R6800, R6900v2, R7450, JNR3210, WNR2020, Nighthawk AC2100, and Nighthawk AC2400 models. This vulnerability allows attackers to bypass authentication on the affected routers without the need for any credentials. The issue exists within the mini_httpd service that listens to TCP port 80 by default. The flaw is a result of incorrect string matching logic when trying to access protected pages.

If the CVE-2020-27866 vulnerability is exploited, hackers can gain control of the device and execute arbitrary code with root privileges. An attacker can use this vulnerability in conjunction with other exploits to launch attacks on the network, including stealing sensitive data, installing backdoors, and hijacking the router or connected devices. This can compromise the entire network and expose it to serious security threats.

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