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CVE-2022-0869 Scanner

Detects 'Open Redirect' vulnerability in nitely/spirit affects versions prior to 0.12.3


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nitely/spirit is a modern Python-based forum software designed for building and managing online community platforms. It is known for its simplicity, flexibility, and user-friendly interface, making it suitable for small to medium-sized communities. The software offers features such as threaded discussions, user profiles, messaging, and customizable themes. Developed as an open-source project, nitely/spirit encourages contributions from the developer community to enhance its capabilities and security. It is widely utilized by developers and organizations looking to foster interactive and engaging online forums.

The vulnerability is present in several endpoints related to user login, logout, registration, and activation processes. Specifically, the 'next' parameter in URLs such as '/user/login/', '/user/logout', '/user/register', and '/user/resend-activation' is not properly validated, enabling attackers to inject external URLs. By crafting a malicious link containing a redirect to an attacker-controlled site and convincing a user to click on it, attackers can exploit this vulnerability. This could lead to the compromise of user credentials, session hijacking, or exposure to fraudulent content.

Exploitation of this vulnerability can lead to various adverse impacts, including redirecting users to phishing sites where sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, or personal data can be stolen. Users could also be redirected to sites hosting malware, leading to potential infections of their devices. The credibility and trustworthiness of the forum can be significantly undermined if attackers exploit this vulnerability, affecting user engagement and community integrity.

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