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Node-Red Default Credentials Scanner

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Node-RED Default Login Security Check

Importance of the Security Check

The advent of IoT (Internet of Things) technology and the expansion of industrial automation have significantly increased the utility and complexity of networks. In this evolving landscape, Node-RED emerges as a pivotal tool. As a flow-based programming tool, Node-RED enables the design and deployment of IoT applications, facilitating the seamless integration of physical devices with digital platforms. Widely adopted by developers, engineers, and system integrators, Node-RED is instrumental in creating solutions for smart homes, industrial monitoring systems, environmental sensing, and automation projects. However, its accessibility and ease of use also make it a potential target for cyber threats. Overlooking security, especially the use of default login credentials, can expose systems to unauthorized access, data manipulation, or even take control of connected devices. Thus, the "Node-Red Default Credentials Scanner" is essential for identifying and mitigating such vulnerabilities to maintain system integrity and protect against cyber-attacks.

Purpose of the Security Check

This security check aims to identify the use of default login credentials within Node-RED installations. Leaving default usernames and passwords unchanged can allow malicious actors to gain easy access to the system, leading to data breaches, operational disruptions, or abuse of IoT devices. This examination assists system administrators and security teams in rapidly identifying and remedying security vulnerabilities.

Checked Products and Usage Areas

Node-RED's versatility makes it a prime choice for IoT projects, smart home systems, industrial automation, and any scenario requiring the integration of data across diverse platforms. This security check applies universally to any setup that incorporates Node-RED.

Detected Findings and Their Significance

The security check scrutinizes whether Node-RED applications are utilizing default login credentials. Discovery of such usage is flagged as a critical security risk, indicating the system's vulnerability to unauthorized access. If exploited by malicious individuals, this vulnerability can lead to severe consequences, including but not limited to, data theft, manipulation of system operations, unauthorized control over IoT devices, and potentially facilitating broader network intrusions. Immediate action is required to bolster security in such instances.


The Node-Red Default Credentials Scanner is essential for safeguarding IoT and automation projects against cyber threats. It minimizes the risk associated with the exploitation of default login details and strengthens the overall cybersecurity posture. Ensuring the security of digital and physical assets requires regular security assessments and the prompt application of remediation measures.

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