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Detects 'Remote Code Execution (RCE)' vulnerability in squirrelly affects v. from 9.0.0 before 9.0.0.


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Squirrelly is a powerful template engine whose primary use is in rendering templates for Node.js applications. It is implemented purely in JavaScript and works seamlessly alongside ExpressJS. Squirrelly offers an efficient way to keep data and template configuration options separate while still delivering the desired output. One of its advantages is its support for numerous syntax flavors, which allows developers to use a markup language that they are most comfortable with.

Recently, a security vulnerability (CVE-2021-32819) was detected in v8.2.2 and prior versions of Squirrelly. This vulnerability results from a failure in the engine's input validation. By tampering with internal configuration options, an attacker can easily smuggle malicious JavaScript code into the downstream application and exploit it to execute remote code. The vulnerability is particularly severe, as it can allow an attacker to steal or manipulate sensitive information or take control of the underlying system.

If left unrepaired, the CVE-2021-32819 vulnerability can lead to devastating consequences. Attackers can exploit this vulnerability in a variety of ways, including stealing sensitive data, corrupting systems, executing malicious code, and gaining unauthorized access to an application's resources. With this vulnerability, applications using Squirrelly templates are particularly exposed, and attackers can easily exploit their weakness to launch cyberattacks.

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