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Detects 'Directory Traversal' vulnerability in Nodogsplash affects v. 5.0.1.


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Nodogsplash serves as an open-source captive portal and traffic shaper that primarily targets wireless access. It allows for easy configuration of hotspot functionality on routers and creates a captive portal to control user access. The product has been utilized in various settings, including universities, hotels, and cafes, to enhance user experience and security. 

However, a critical vulnerability was detected in the Nodogsplash product that could have severe consequences. CVE-2023-39120, a directory traversal vulnerability, was identified, which also affected the OpenWrt product. This vulnerability potentially provided remote attackers with the capability to read any file from the target system. 

If exploited, the vulnerability could have significant implications as attackers could access confidential user data, such as login credentials and sensitive user information. Furthermore, this could lead to the loss of user privacy and the potential for various types of cyberattacks, including identity theft and financial fraud. 

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