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NTLM Directories Scanner Detail

Detect NTLM Directories using this tool.

During an offensive security engagement it may not be a major vulnerability that leads to your end-goal, but a combination of lower severity findings compounded to make a larger impact. During a penetration test this can be used to identify internal naming conventions, determine end-of-life operating systems, and discover internal DNS names. To describe one potential use-case for this data, the domain suffix, found in the decoded response, is often required for password spraying attacks against Outlook web applications. Targeting OWA is a common technique used by hackers to identify valid domain credentials, and made possible through this exposure.

Some Advice for Common Problems

The recommended remediation for this vulnerability is to disable NTLM authentication over HTTP. Restricting public access to the ports utilizing Windows Authentication is another approach to containing the exposure and will help to prevent brute-force attacks against the service

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