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Detects 'Directory Traversal' vulnerability in nweb2fax affects v. 0.2.7 and earlier.


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Nweb2fax is a software application designed to convert any printable file into a fax document. This software product is a perfect fit for those who want to send faxes over the internet. Nweb2fax 0.2.7 and previous versions were recently detected to have multiple directory traversal vulnerabilities that can jeopardize the security of the product. 

CVE-2008-6668 vulnerability was spotted in this product, which allows remote attackers to read arbitrary files via a ".." in the id parameter of comm.php and the var_filename parameter of viewrq.php. The vulnerability can be exploited by an attacker to gain access to sensitive files and metadata without proper authentication. This vulnerability flaw can expose user data to malicious entities.

Exploiting this vulnerability can lead to a potential data breach and identity theft. It could allow threat actors to steal sensitive data files that can result in reputational damage to an organization. This vulnerability can also create a gateway for attackers to take control of other systems in an enterprise and use its resources to launch further cyberattacks.

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