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Detects 'SQL Injection' vulnerability in Online Fire Reporting System affects v. 1.0


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The Online Fire Reporting System version 1.0 is a digital platform designed for the management and reporting of fire incidents. It serves as a crucial tool for fire departments and emergency services to efficiently record, track, and analyze fire-related data. This web application facilitates streamlined communication between the public and fire safety organizations, allowing for timely reporting and response to fire incidents. The system is intended to improve the overall efficiency of fire reporting processes, enhancing public safety and emergency preparedness.

This SQL Injection vulnerability in the Online Fire Reporting System v1.0 arises from inadequate input validation in the date parameter within the reports page URL. By manipulating this parameter, attackers can inject malicious SQL statements, compromising the integrity and confidentiality of the database. This flaw exposes the system to potential unauthorized access, data leakage, and manipulation, underscoring the importance of stringent input validation mechanisms in web applications.

The vulnerability is specifically located in the /admin/?page=reports&date= URL parameter. Attackers can exploit this by appending a malicious SQL query to the date parameter, which the application processes without proper sanitization. This allows the execution of arbitrary SQL commands, enabling the attacker to access sensitive information stored in the database, modify or delete data, and potentially escalate privileges within the system. The lack of effective input sanitization and parameterized queries directly leads to this security weakness.

Exploiting this vulnerability can have severe consequences, including unauthorized disclosure of confidential data, alteration or deletion of crucial information, and disruption of system functionality. It could also potentially allow attackers to gain administrative access to the system, posing significant risks to data integrity and the privacy of individuals reported in fire incidents. Such breaches could undermine public trust in the fire reporting system and impact the effectiveness of emergency response efforts.

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