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Detects 'SQL Injection' vulnerability in Online Fire Reporting System affects v. 1.0


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The Online Fire Reporting System version 1.0 is a specialized web application tailored for fire departments and emergency services, allowing for the online reporting and tracking of fire incidents. This system facilitates the efficient management of fire incident reports, streamlining communication between the public and emergency responders. It provides a centralized platform for data entry, report generation, and analysis, aimed at enhancing the operational efficiency of fire safety operations. The application is designed to be user-friendly, enabling quick and accurate reporting of incidents to ensure a prompt and effective response.

This SQL Injection vulnerability within the Online Fire Reporting System v1.0 specifically targets the administrative function for managing users, through the manipulation of the 'id' parameter in the URL. By exploiting this vulnerability, attackers can inject arbitrary SQL commands into the application's database queries. This issue highlights a significant security oversight in the input validation process, potentially allowing unauthorized access to sensitive data, alteration of database contents, or other malicious activities.

The flaw is located in the /admin/?page=user/manage_user&id= URL parameter. Attackers can manipulate this parameter by appending a malicious SQL query, which the system executes without proper sanitization. This allows for the execution of unauthorized SQL queries directly against the database, enabling the attacker to bypass authentication, extract sensitive information, or execute administrative actions without legitimate access. This vulnerability underscores the critical need for stringent input validation and the use of parameterized queries to protect against SQL Injection attacks.

The exploitation of this vulnerability can lead to severe consequences, including unauthorized access to the database, exposure of personal and confidential information, data manipulation or deletion, and potential compromise of the entire system. It may also enable attackers to gain administrative privileges, further escalating the impact by allowing them to execute additional malicious actions within the system. The breach of data integrity and confidentiality can have far-reaching implications, eroding trust in the fire reporting system and potentially jeopardizing public safety and emergency response efforts.

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