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Detects 'Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)' vulnerability in Online Security Guards Hiring System affects version 1.0.


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The Online Security Guards Hiring System is a web application designed to streamline the process of hiring security guards. It allows users to search for, request, and hire security personnel through an interactive platform. Developed for ease of use by security firms and clients alike, this system provides a comprehensive solution for managing security guard services, including request submissions and processing. The platform aims to enhance the efficiency of security service provision by offering a centralized database of guards and facilitating direct communication between clients and service providers. Its target audience includes security service companies, corporate clients, and individuals seeking to hire security personnel for various events or premises.

The XSS vulnerability in the Online Security Guards Hiring System version 1.0 is a result of the application's failure to properly sanitize user input in the `search-request.php` file. This flaw allows attackers to inject malicious JavaScript code into web pages, which is then executed in the browser of any user viewing the content. Such vulnerabilities pose significant risks to web applications, as they can lead to unauthorized access to user sessions, personal information theft, and manipulation of web page content by malicious actors.

The exploitation occurs through the `searchdata` parameter, where an attacker can embed a malicious script, such as ``, into the search functionality. When this payload is processed by the server and rendered in a web page without proper sanitization, it executes the JavaScript code. This particular attack vector demonstrates the importance of validating and encoding user inputs, especially in features that reflect user data back in the web page, to prevent the execution of unauthorized scripts.

An XSS attack on the Online Security Guards Hiring System could compromise the integrity and confidentiality of the application. Potential effects include stealing users' cookies, which may contain sensitive session tokens, redirecting users to phishing or malicious websites, altering the content displayed to users, and performing actions on behalf of the users without their consent. Such incidents can severely damage the trust in the platform and may have legal and financial repercussions for the service provider.

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