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CVE-2022-26833 Scanner

Detects 'Missing Authentication' vulnerability in Open Automation Software OAS Platform affects V16.00.0121.


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Open Automation Software OAS Platform is a comprehensive suite designed for industrial automation and IoT applications. It enables real-time data acquisition, monitoring, and control across a wide range of devices and systems. Used globally by manufacturers, energy providers, and infrastructure companies, OAS Platform facilitates the integration of data from various sources into a unified platform. Its applications include real-time monitoring, data logging, and control systems for industrial operations. The platform's flexibility and scalability make it a critical component in optimizing operational efficiency and achieving digital transformation in industrial environments.

CVE-2022-26833 reveals a critical security flaw in the Open Automation Software OAS Platform where version V16.00.0121 suffers from missing authentication for its REST API. This vulnerability allows attackers to perform unauthorized operations by sending specially crafted HTTP requests without any authentication process. Such a flaw exposes the system to significant risks, including unauthorized access and control over the platform's functionalities. This poses a severe security threat as it can lead to data breaches, operational disruption, and potential control over physical processes managed by the OAS Platform.

The vulnerability stems from the REST API endpoint /OASREST/v2/authenticate that does not properly enforce authentication mechanisms. By sending a POST request with empty username and password fields, an attacker can bypass authentication controls and receive a valid session token. This token grants unauthorized access to the API, allowing the attacker to manipulate or access sensitive information and functionalities of the OAS Platform. The lack of proper authentication checks in this endpoint demonstrates a critical oversight in the platform's security architecture.

Exploiting this vulnerability could lead to several severe consequences. Attackers could gain full access to the platform, including the ability to read, modify, or delete sensitive data. This access might enable control over industrial processes, potentially leading to operational disruptions, safety incidents, or physical damage. Additionally, the breach could result in the loss of proprietary or confidential information, leading to financial losses and damage to the organization's reputation.

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